‘Illumin Dreamtime’
(2009) Immersive, multi-sensory installation at Watercliffe Meadow Community Primary School.
This project was created in collaboration between myself, Creative Partnerships and Watercliffe Meadow Primary School. The artwork is a series of inflatable sculptures and the installation was originally made for a dance performance in a gallery exhibition space. I reinstalled the immersive, multi-sensory installation into a space in the school in order to create a magical space where the whole school staff, together with the children could dream up new ideas for creativity and cross curricular leanring, from foundation Nursery to Year 6. A place where anything could be possible and thoughts and ideas could be shared amongst children and teachers in the planning and development stage of a year long residency in 2009.
This was a child-led project inspired by The Reggio Emilia approach to teaching and became a CPD session with the artist working across the whole school to research ways creativity can be used to facilitate the development of critical thinking, through creative exploration.
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