‘Highly imaginative in its conceit and utilising an innovative combination of performative and visual techniques, the piece promises to be an appealing and provocative example of entertainment for a cross-section of different audiences of all ages: circus, live art, theatre and film. As artists, Sarah and Claire are truly gifted, inspirational and highly motivated, and I am sure that any support of their work will bring manifold returns.’
Duska Radosavlijevic, Dramaturge (2009).
I successfully received Arts Council Funding in 2009 to develop a new video installation piece called ‘Avid Shenanigans’ that includes animation, aerial performance, shadow puppetry and an underlying metaphysical narrative about ambition.
I am currently editing the new video piece which explores the ways an individual sets out to achieve physical goals. I am interested in ambition and ways to represent the journey within the mind using animation techniques incorporating; silhouette film animation, shadow interaction and corde lisse (Aerial rope) performed by professional aerialist Claire Crook. The idea behind the activity is to create a video art installation merging visual art, animation and circus.
Following a conversation between the aerialist, and myself, Claire described to me a process she goes through when training where she visualises herself performing physically impossible moves. Through animation and filing shadow interaction I have experimented with trying to make this process visible.
An illusion is created where the aerialist’s shadow takes on a life of it’s own and her shadow begins to deviate from its traditional role and becomes an animation. The film / animation centres around the relationship and conflict between the performer and her desire to achieve what could be perceived as physically impossible.
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