About | U.K based visual artist, specialises in multi media installation, cinematography/filmmaking, animation, printmaking, sculpture, theatre set and prop making

Artist Statement

The double take, to look and then look again, the gaze and then the glance, an illusion that changes from one thing into another or disappears completely. Drawn to the affect of film 'like a painting that comes to life', I’m interested in the hidden world of dreaming, imagination and the aesthetics of early film from the Expressionist filmmakers to artists of the Surrealist movement. I am particularly interested in the immersive experience of lucid dreaming, developing patterns, animations and illusions, drawing on elements of humour and suspense.


Focusing on the importance of developing skills and the hand made, my art practice is concerned with the process of merging together traditional art forms with new technology. From printmaking, film, animation, installations and public interventions to collaborations with theatre, circus and dance practitioners. Exploring alternative environments and alternative ways of exhibiting art through both practice and research.


Sarah Jane Palmer - Artist Statement