Nástupište 1-12

International Exchange: Nastupiste, Slovakia

Bloc Projects is pleased to be working with Bloc Studios and Slovakia based project space Natupiste on an exchange programme through which we are sending Bloc Studios based artists Victoria Lucas, Sarah Jane Palmer and Liz Von Graevenitz to Topoľčany, Slovakia where they will engage in thematic discussions and networking with Slovakian artists and exhibit in the gallery space. Becky Bowley, Cerlin Karunaratne, Robyn Leroy-Evans, Dominic Mason and Charlotte Morgan will also be participating remotely. In August 2013, Bloc Projects will host Topoľčany based artists Matej Lacko, Oto Hudec and Zuzana Flimelova.

Regular Line Topolcany - Sheffield

Travelling out on Thursday the 11th to set up show. On Sunday, 14th July at 18:00, Multimedia space for contemporary culture Nástupište 1-12, underpass beneath the Bus Station in Topolcany, Slovakia.

Nástupište 1-12 Flyer


Sounds really exciting Sarah, hope you have a great time and will check for updates xx

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