The Lace Market - Current Residency

The Nottingham Lace Market Residency

 Nottingham Post Article:

As part of my recent studies and research during the final year of my MA in Fine Art, I discovered my great-great grandfather, Mr John Griffiths was a Nottingham Lace Designer and his brother a draughtsman. This was a surprising and unexpected revelation that chimes with me as I have always had a passion for pattern and it is an integral part of my art practice which includes designing and hand printing wallpapers for installations and film based work. Having discovered these family connections to lace design led me to Stoney Street in the Lace Market and a 1 year artist residency based in the same Street that Mr John Griffiths designed patterns over 1 hundred years ago.The project will involve working with people once connected to the lace making industry, students studying in the area and the community in the lace market's new cultural industries quarter which will culminate in my first ever solo show at the Lace Market Gallery.



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