Fiction as Theory


This research addresses the complex relations between the worlds of fiction and the real world in which we live, combining the methods of a scientific research paper, delivered as a ghost story. In fiction theory the relationships between the imaginary worlds of fiction and the actual world in which we live are complicated. Facts are often questionable and one ought not to dismiss fiction as simply stories that are not true. Haunted: An Unexpected Revelation has been written and performed as a lip-sync. Based on a true story it explores how the skills and aesthetics of our ancestors silently travel across the generations and manifest themselves within our lives often without us realising. When we do make connections between the past and present and discover certain patterns of behaviour, what exactly is at work?


Focusing on family connections to the lace industry this research merges together elements of Ghost Stories by M.R James and Susan Hills The Woman in Black with critical theories from Avery F. Gordon’s Ghostly Matters and a variety of testimonies from contemporary artists, family members and people connected to the lace industry in Nottingham. I reveal that by following the subtle clues, becoming aware of and responding to coincidences one can start to uncover the subtleties of ‘the things behind the things’, experience ‘profane illuminations’ and discover a ‘Something-to-be-done’. Using fiction theory as a methodology to present a research topic of this nature Sarah has discovered that it has the potential and open up the possibility to orient away from a set of languages we generally use in this kind of critical environment thus diverting us away from notions of pastiche, nostalgia and sentimentality. (see video page Haunted: An Unexpected Revelation)


Sarah Jane Palmer
U.K based artist
Sheffield based artist
Bloc Studios
erotic wallpaper
hand printed wallpaper
cluney lace
erotic lace design

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