Martin House Children’s Hospice - Artist-in-Residency.
Artist-In-Residence at The Lace Market Gallery, Adams Building in the Nottingham Lace Market, 1 year research residency developing a new body of work. Engaging with community of ex lace workers and the lace industry in Nottingham resulting in a solo show
Nastupiste 1-12 Topoľčany, Slovakia. 1 week residency developing sight responsive new work.
Locality C, Artist-In-Residence at Pipworth Primary School, Prince Edward Primary School and Wybourn Primary School. Prop making, film set design and film making.
Emmaus Primary School. Animation project working in collaboration with the Y3 pupils focusing on Philosophy for Children shadow puppetry and story telling.
Darnall Community Nursery. Working with staff to redesign and recreate sensory learning area and also develop the outdoor art space and creative resources.
Concord Junior School. Working with the Y3 to build structures in the outdoor environment. focusing on outdoor learning and using the TASC Wheel and Child-led learning.
Broomhill Infant School. Working with the Y2 to build structures in the outdoor environment. focusing on using the TASC Wheel and Child-led learning.
Lowfield Primary School. Working with Y2 children who speak English as a second languag. Project focusing on Installations in the classroom, Child-led learning and developing artist skills in painting and drawing.
2009 - 10
Watercliffe Meadow. Lead artist, Residency working across the whole school to develop a creative curriculum. Collaborating with Dead Earnest Theatre Company. Cape U.K
Kimberworth Primary School. Residency focusing on shadow puppetry, mask and storytelling, working with Key Stage 1. Residency for Creative Partnerships Doncaster, Rotherham and Barnsley.
Carlton Primary School. Residency working with year 4 and 5 pupils combining Mathematics, literature, music and design and technology. This resulted in the creation of large scale inflatable geometric shapes installation into the school hall. It also res
Ashfield School. Residency working with lowest ability SEN in Leicester developing designs and ideas for an inflatable structure built by Space Cadets or the school. Residency funded by Creative Partnerships, Leicester in partnership with Leicester Comed
2007 - 08
Ecclesfield Secondary School. Working with underachievers in the maths and science departments and developing projects related to maths and science in the feeder schools to Ecclesfield. Including Ecclesfield Junior, Angram Bank Primary and Coit Primary S
Ballifield Primary School. 4 month child-led residency creating an installation in the cloakroom combining maths, design and technology and art, Cape U.K
2006 - 07
Royd Nursery School. 2 year residency using the Reggio Emilia approach to documentation and learning through creativity, changing spaces in the school and creating installation in the classroom. Building up a bank rescources for the children and teachers
Totley Primary School. 2 week residency pilot project 'Traditional vs Reggio Emilia' comparing the traditional way artists work in schools to the Northern Italy 'Reggio Emilia' approach.